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the 4th International Conference on Built Environment in Developing Countries

The School of Housing Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia will organise the 4th International Conference on Built Environment in Developing Countries on 1-2 December 2010.  The 4th ICBEDC 2010 aims to cover a variety of topics related to built environment in developing countries. Presenters and participants are advised to submit their abstract before June 30, 2010 via email: or fax: +604-6564067. For further information, please email to and refer to conference’s website:

Prof. N. John Habraken

N. John Habraken, a Dutch citizen, was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1928. Went to primary school in Surabya and Jakarta. Secondary school interrupted for three years by war events.

Received his architectural training at Delft Technical University, the Netherlands. 1948-1955

Served in the Royal Dutch Air-force as a deskbound noncom. officer. 1955-57

Author of ‘Supports, an Alternative to Mass Housing’ which was first published in 1962, ( English edition 1972, re-issued in 1999) in which he proposed the separation of ‘support’ or base building from ‘infill’ or interior fit-out in residential construction and design.

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Djamel Boussaa Profile

Djamel Boussaa


Name: Djamel Boussaa

Graduation: July 2008

Interests/ Specialization: Architectural Design, Urban & Architectural Conservation, Islamic architecture, Traditional Architecture.


·          Complete Design and Supervision of an extension project for A great mosque in Algiers.

·          Preparation of working drawings for 02 Refurbishment projects In the North of London, Priory Green Estate & Rotherfield Court, (Roof details for lift motor rooms and stair heads as well as rainwater outlets, And gargoyles needed to be specified and detailed.

·          Collaborating in a large scale project in Saudi-Arabia, The Mena Complex, in, management and working drawings for walls, parapets and floors.


Courses & Teaching Material:


·       Architectural Design Studio 2, ARCH 311.

·       Islamic Architecture in the Arab World, Arch 460.

·       Senior Project 1, ARCH 400.

·       Senior Project 2, ARCH 401.

·       Qatari Architecture and Contemporary Practices, ARCH 461.

·       Architectural Design 3 (ARCG 310); Designing a Marina Club

·       Architectural Design 4 (ARCG 320); Designing a Cultural Center

·       Architectural Design 6 (ARCG 420); Designing a Five Stars Hotel

·       Architectural Design 6 (ARCG 420); Designing a Specialized Children’s Hospital

·       Graduation Project 1 (ARCG 511); Program Stage

·       Graduation Project 2 (ARCG 520); Design Stage

·       Architectural Construction 2 (ARCG 223)

·       Architectural Construction 3 (ARCG 313)

·       Architectural Graphics 1 (ARCG 111)

·       Architectural Graphics 2 (ARCG 121)

·       Basic Design 1 (ARCG 110)

·       Basic Design 2 (ARCG 120)

·       Materials and Construction Methods I (INTD 222)

·       Materials and Construction Methods II (INTD 312)

·       History of Islamic Interiors (INTD 311)


Students Material:



Djamel Boussaa, “Towards an Inter-Emirate Urban Conservation Strategy in the United Arab Emirates“, RICS Foundation, Our Common Sense Journal, London, April 2002.


Hadjri, K., & Boussaa, D., (2007). Architectural and Urban Conservation in the United Arab Emirates.

Open House International, 32(3), 16-26.



Books: (Book Chapter).

G. Moser, E. Pol, Y. Bernard, M. Bonnes, J. Corraliza & V. Giuliani, (editors),  People Places and Sustainability, Hogrefe & Huber Publishers, Germany, 2003, PP: 51-60.


          Articles of Conferences:

Paper  presented For the Conference on                                                                                            3-6 January 2010

Technology and Sustainability in the Built Environment;

College of Architecture and Planning, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Urban Conservation and Sustainability;                                                                                               

Cases from Historic Cities in the Gulf and North Africa.


Paper  presented at the 1st Engineering Scientific Research Forum;                                                   18th May 2009

University of Bahrain, Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture.

Paper: Urban conservation in the Gulf: Challenges and Opportunities.


Paper presented and published in the proceedings                                                                         03-06 Nov 2008

at the CSAAR 08 conference, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan,

“Responsibilities and Opportunities in Architectural Conservation: Theory,

Education, and Practice”

Paper: THE CASBAH OF ALGIERS, Heritage Tourism,

Economic Development and Sustainability.


Paper  presented For the IFIAD 2008 International Forum on                                                        08-10 Apr 2008    

Islamic Architecture and Design, Sharjah, UAE,

Paper: Our Islamic Urban Heritage: Blight or Blessing?


Paper presented at the Urban Development and Planning Seminar,                                                 07-09 Jan 2008

Kingdom of Bahrain, Northern Area Municipality,

Paper: Qala’t al-Bahrain: Conservation and Development of a World Heritage Site


          Public Lectures & TV Programs

 Press Articles:


Box of suggestions:

Personal Contact:

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Engineering, Qatar University 2713, Doha, Qatar.  Tel (office):    00 974 493 5932, Tel (mobile):  00 974 363 2925, Fax:   00 974 485 1781,




Dr Rabah Saoud

Having read an M’phil in Conservation of Muslim Historic Buildings and Cities from the Civic Design of Liverpool University, Dr. Rabah Saoud went on to complete a PhD on the Morphology of Muslim Cities at the University of Manchester, where he also lectured on urban conservation and continue to hold the post of research fellow.

He joined the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) in 1999 where he was able to expand the scope of his research into the history of Muslim Architecture and Civilisation and its scientific and technological contributions. His research and contributions are much revered in the academic community.

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Dr Khalfallah Boujemaa

الدكتور خلف الله بوجمعه من مواليد 08-07-1961 حصل على دكتوراه الدولة ، 29/01/2001 و ماجستير في العمران، المدرسة الوطنية للهندسة المعمارية و التعمير الحراش الجزائر، 25/01/1993 و مهندس دولة، كلية الهندسة المعمارية بجامعة سطيف 25/01/1987

من إنتاجه العلمي كتاب (العمران والمدينة الجزائر)، دار الهدي للطباعة والنشر،عين مليلة، الجزائر2005. كتاب (المدينة الاسمية بين الوحدة و التنوع)، دار الهدي للطباعة والنشر،عين مليلة، الجزائر 2007. كتاب ” (الجزائر …المجا ل المقلوب) ترجمة لكتاب د.مارك كوت، دار الهدي للطباعة والنشر،عين مليلة، الجزائر2009.

تقلد عدة مناصب إدارية و علمية منها: رئيس المجلس العلمي بمعهد تسيير التقنيات العمرانية ، مدير مخبر التخطيط و البيئة، عميد كلية العلوم و الهندسة، رئيس قسم التسيير و التخطيط العمراني، مدير معهد التسيير و التخطيط العمراني، رئيس لجنة التكوين بالمجلس الاعلى للتربية برئاسة الجمهورية،

Pr Besim Hakim

Besim S. Hakim, FAICP, AIA, is a consultant in urban design and an independent scholar. He is Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, Member of the American Institute of Architects, and a Harvard graduate in Urban Design. He has been researching and writing about traditional urban management and related codes from the Mediterranean region since 1975. He has articulated how those management procedures and codes shaped the traditional built environment. The purpose is to provide lessons and models for contemporary and future architects, urban designers, city administrators and officials, and lawyers, who are involved in formulating or revising codes and related implementation strategies. He has practiced architecture and urban design and also taught those disciplines for over two decades, and has lectured widely in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Dr Djamel Boussaa

Dr Djamel Boussaa is at present an assistant Professor at the university of Qatar. He worked at both universities of United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as a lecturer. He is originally from Algeria where he worked also as a teacher of architecture and a director of students affair at the department of Architecture, University of Blida.

He is interested in architectural and urban preservation in the Islamic world and has published several papers in this field.

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