Dr Khalfallah Boujemaa

الدكتور خلف الله بوجمعه من مواليد 08-07-1961 حصل على دكتوراه الدولة ، 29/01/2001 و ماجستير في العمران، المدرسة الوطنية للهندسة المعمارية و التعمير الحراش الجزائر، 25/01/1993 و مهندس دولة، كلية الهندسة المعمارية بجامعة سطيف 25/01/1987

من إنتاجه العلمي كتاب (العمران والمدينة الجزائر)، دار الهدي للطباعة والنشر،عين مليلة، الجزائر2005. كتاب (المدينة الاسمية بين الوحدة و التنوع)، دار الهدي للطباعة والنشر،عين مليلة، الجزائر 2007. كتاب ” (الجزائر …المجا ل المقلوب) ترجمة لكتاب د.مارك كوت، دار الهدي للطباعة والنشر،عين مليلة، الجزائر2009.

تقلد عدة مناصب إدارية و علمية منها: رئيس المجلس العلمي بمعهد تسيير التقنيات العمرانية ، مدير مخبر التخطيط و البيئة، عميد كلية العلوم و الهندسة، رئيس قسم التسيير و التخطيط العمراني، مدير معهد التسيير و التخطيط العمراني، رئيس لجنة التكوين بالمجلس الاعلى للتربية برئاسة الجمهورية،

Pr Besim Hakim

Besim S. Hakim, FAICP, AIA, is a consultant in urban design and an independent scholar. He is Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, Member of the American Institute of Architects, and a Harvard graduate in Urban Design. He has been researching and writing about traditional urban management and related codes from the Mediterranean region since 1975. He has articulated how those management procedures and codes shaped the traditional built environment. The purpose is to provide lessons and models for contemporary and future architects, urban designers, city administrators and officials, and lawyers, who are involved in formulating or revising codes and related implementation strategies. He has practiced architecture and urban design and also taught those disciplines for over two decades, and has lectured widely in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Dr Djamel Boussaa

Dr Djamel Boussaa is at present an assistant Professor at the university of Qatar. He worked at both universities of United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as a lecturer. He is originally from Algeria where he worked also as a teacher of architecture and a director of students affair at the department of Architecture, University of Blida.

He is interested in architectural and urban preservation in the Islamic world and has published several papers in this field.

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Dr Zeynep Aygen

Dr Zeynep Aygen is Turkish architect who graduated from Architect Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University  and Technical University of Istanbul. At prresent she is  Principle Lecturer at the School of Environmental Design and Management.   Her  Present position is Course Leader for  MSc in Historic Building Conservation and MSc in Heritage and Museum Studies.  University of Portsmouth, Portland  Building,  Portland Street,  Portsmouth PO1 3AH

Email:  zeynep.aygen@port.ac.uk 

Dr Saleh Al-Hathloul

Dr. Saleh Al- Hathloul is a Saudi Arabian educator and a critic in the field of Architecture and Urbanism with interests in the epistemology of knowledge, the general issues of structural changes in society, and futurist studies; has B.Arch from King Saud University 1972,  an MAUD from Harvard University, 1975 and a Ph.D. in Architecture and Environmental Studies from MIT, 1981. He was chairman of the Department of Architecture at King Saud University, Riyadh between 1981and 1984; chairman of the board of Al-UMRAN ( Saudi Society for Architects and Planners) since its inception in 1989 till 1993.

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