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Dr.Jihad Awad – New Academic Member

Dr.Jihad Awad

Dr. Jihad Awad is currently an associate professor of architecture at Ajman University of Science & Technology in UAE. He studied architecture and urban design in Jordan, USA and Germany. He has taught at different universities in Palestine and was head of department of architecture at An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine (1997-2000).

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The Islamic City



One of the most controversial topics, which has been the subject of debate by many scholars, is the nature of the Islamic city. Studies on the nature and morphology of the Islamic city began in the late 19th century with historians trying to find a model for this Islamic city in comparison to the "West" and from an "Orientalist" point of view, i.e. French Historians were more concerned with North African cities while the British were more focused on Egypt and Syrian cities. It is a topic that may not be viewed from one angle but rather from many including urban, geographical, socio-historical, legal and architectural frameworks and this is mainly why the debate remains unresolved.

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11th International Conference on Urban History Cities & Societies in Comparative Perspective, Prague (29 August-1 September 2012)

Prague, August 29-September 1, 2012
Deadline: Oct 1, 2011

The Renaissance era is often said to be a significant turning point in European history, as a period of cultural and economic reformations that were shaping the identity of the “West.” This new identity was based on a revolutionary shift in knowledge about the world in this period. Cultural discovery of the non-Western lands, triggered after the 16th century by European travelers, opened new doors for cultural and economic exchanges. 

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Google commemorates Ibn Khaldun


On May 27th, 2011 Google celebrated the great Arab Historian and sociologist  Ibn Khaldun as shown in its logo above.

Ibn Khaldoun is most famous for his "Muqqadima" مقدّمة ابن خلدون. The great philosopher, who was born in Tunis in 1332 AD/732 AH and died in Cairo in 1406 AD/808 AH, is considered the father of modern historiography, sociology and economics. He is no doubt one of the greatest philosophers to come out of the Arab world.

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The concepts and applications of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD)


In collaboration with Damascus University; Syria, the 6th ASCAAD conference will be held at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Damascus University from 5-7 December 2011. Please see the attached CALL FOR PAPERS document or visit the ASCAAD web

 To submit an abstract, please log into:
Click the link SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT and it will take you to:
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Our Madina, Our City… The Need for Revival


Dr. Abdurrahman Mohamed
Asst. Prof. Urban Design and Planning
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
University of Bahrain

Our madina, our city, is our place. It is the space of our life with all its achievements and shortcomings, with all its sadness and happiness, with all the joy and fun of our relations and friendships. It is the domain for our work and folk, it is the road for our present and the future of our ancestors. It is also the place of our history and dignity. Continue reading Our Madina, Our City… The Need for Revival

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Candle Image

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Celebrating Our First Anniversary

It is with a great sense of pleasure, honor and humility that we announce that on 16.4.2011 we celebrate the first anniversary of our nascent website

It was truly a very fruitful and challenging year. It was a very memorable one too. We thank, firstly, Allah Almighty that this project has taken off and has started to make its voice heard. Next, we thank everyone who contributed, directly or indirectly, towards the realization of the project and its interim goals and objectives. We thus thank members of the technical team, academic members, subscribers, members and visitors for all their support and contributions.

For the next year – and for many more years to come, insha’Allah – we hope that will grow from strength to strength, as it did during the first year of its existence. We also hope that it will become an increasingly recognizable name and its voice more and more audible in the circles of the Muslim intellectual fraternity. To attain this, however, we will need a continuous and increased support from our current and future academic members, subscribers, members and visitors.

We promise that we will always try our best to improve the content as well as the technical aspect of the website, so that our members’ and visitors’ expectations are met and their trust in us justified. Our hope is to build on our last year’s modest success and augment our contributions to the on-going revival of the Muslim Ummah, in general, and to the phenomenon of the Islamic built environment, in particular. We will most certainly keep raising our standards, as the latest and very exciting website dimensions and features can show.

As always, we welcome any suggestions, comments, recommendations and even constructive criticism which are aimed to improve the website and to expedite the fulfillment of its noble mission.

May Allah bless us all (Amin).

Thank you very much, wassalam.

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