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Djamel Boussaa Profile

Djamel Boussaa


Name: Djamel Boussaa

Graduation: July 2008

Interests/ Specialization: Architectural Design, Urban & Architectural Conservation, Islamic architecture, Traditional Architecture.


·          Complete Design and Supervision of an extension project for A great mosque in Algiers.

·          Preparation of working drawings for 02 Refurbishment projects In the North of London, Priory Green Estate & Rotherfield Court, (Roof details for lift motor rooms and stair heads as well as rainwater outlets, And gargoyles needed to be specified and detailed.

·          Collaborating in a large scale project in Saudi-Arabia, The Mena Complex, in, management and working drawings for walls, parapets and floors.


Courses & Teaching Material:


·       Architectural Design Studio 2, ARCH 311.

·       Islamic Architecture in the Arab World, Arch 460.

·       Senior Project 1, ARCH 400.

·       Senior Project 2, ARCH 401.

·       Qatari Architecture and Contemporary Practices, ARCH 461.

·       Architectural Design 3 (ARCG 310); Designing a Marina Club

·       Architectural Design 4 (ARCG 320); Designing a Cultural Center

·       Architectural Design 6 (ARCG 420); Designing a Five Stars Hotel

·       Architectural Design 6 (ARCG 420); Designing a Specialized Children’s Hospital

·       Graduation Project 1 (ARCG 511); Program Stage

·       Graduation Project 2 (ARCG 520); Design Stage

·       Architectural Construction 2 (ARCG 223)

·       Architectural Construction 3 (ARCG 313)

·       Architectural Graphics 1 (ARCG 111)

·       Architectural Graphics 2 (ARCG 121)

·       Basic Design 1 (ARCG 110)

·       Basic Design 2 (ARCG 120)

·       Materials and Construction Methods I (INTD 222)

·       Materials and Construction Methods II (INTD 312)

·       History of Islamic Interiors (INTD 311)


Students Material:



Djamel Boussaa, “Towards an Inter-Emirate Urban Conservation Strategy in the United Arab Emirates“, RICS Foundation, Our Common Sense Journal, London, April 2002.


Hadjri, K., & Boussaa, D., (2007). Architectural and Urban Conservation in the United Arab Emirates.

Open House International, 32(3), 16-26.



Books: (Book Chapter).

G. Moser, E. Pol, Y. Bernard, M. Bonnes, J. Corraliza & V. Giuliani, (editors),  People Places and Sustainability, Hogrefe & Huber Publishers, Germany, 2003, PP: 51-60.


          Articles of Conferences:

Paper  presented For the Conference on                                                                                            3-6 January 2010

Technology and Sustainability in the Built Environment;

College of Architecture and Planning, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Urban Conservation and Sustainability;                                                                                               

Cases from Historic Cities in the Gulf and North Africa.


Paper  presented at the 1st Engineering Scientific Research Forum;                                                   18th May 2009

University of Bahrain, Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture.

Paper: Urban conservation in the Gulf: Challenges and Opportunities.


Paper presented and published in the proceedings                                                                         03-06 Nov 2008

at the CSAAR 08 conference, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan,

“Responsibilities and Opportunities in Architectural Conservation: Theory,

Education, and Practice”

Paper: THE CASBAH OF ALGIERS, Heritage Tourism,

Economic Development and Sustainability.


Paper  presented For the IFIAD 2008 International Forum on                                                        08-10 Apr 2008    

Islamic Architecture and Design, Sharjah, UAE,

Paper: Our Islamic Urban Heritage: Blight or Blessing?


Paper presented at the Urban Development and Planning Seminar,                                                 07-09 Jan 2008

Kingdom of Bahrain, Northern Area Municipality,

Paper: Qala’t al-Bahrain: Conservation and Development of a World Heritage Site


          Public Lectures & TV Programs

 Press Articles:


Box of suggestions:

Personal Contact:

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Engineering, Qatar University 2713, Doha, Qatar.  Tel (office):    00 974 493 5932, Tel (mobile):  00 974 363 2925, Fax:   00 974 485 1781,