The challenge of Sustainable Development (both secular and Islamic) is real and deserves utmost concern for the world to avert an imminent danger of high level environmental resources degradation and loss. The current global curiosity is in the right direction by secular standards, but the Islamic value system demands more. It requires the establishment of the Islamic economy which is derived from both Islamic way of life and the Islamic State to triumph. The base factor is shariah-the divine law which requires an Islamic State in place for its enforcement. However, it is important to stress that every dimension of sustainable development is as important as others for both economies (secular and Islamic). The social dimension which concerns our morality, belief in God, and sense of justice is as important as the economic and environmental dimensions. There should not be a subjugation of one for another in our attempt to address the issues. It is categorical to state that the planet Earth is endowed with enough resources to cater for all (both present and future), but the problem is that those in charge today are plunging the share of those in the future into extirpation in the name of exploration and exploitation. It suffices to say that God/nature is not against exploration and exploitation, but let us do it wisely in a sustainable manner so that nobody is deprived either in the present or in the future. Therefore, the human societies of both secular and the Islamic world should propagate the avoidance of wastage, greed, selfishness, extravagance, profit maximization, usury, aggression and injustice, immorality of all sorts, undue abuse and ungodliness so as to ensure sustainable development.


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