Children’s Participation in Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies in Malaysia: A report of workshops for promoting green spaces in residential neighborhood


The goal of this study is to develop a participatory workshop method for use with children to help mitigate urban heat island in developing countries. It has been widely reported that green areas play a significant role to create cool spots in cities and divide urban heat island (UHI). Thus, this study attempts to find out the means to promote green spaces in urban areas through a participatory  approach.  Since children  account for a large portion of the population in most of  the developing countries,  this study focuses especially on the  children’s  participation.  Three workshops were conducted with about 50 elementary school children (fourth and fifth year) in one of the typical neighborhoods in  the city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This paper summarizes  the results of these  workshops for discussing  the possibility of the program  as a participatory approach for mitigating UHI.

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