Dr. Akeel Hwaish

Dr. Akeel Noori Almlla Hwaish

Dr. Akeel Noori Almlla Hwaish holds a PhD in Architecture, Islamic Built Environment & Environmental Impact Assessment. He is a fully licensed consultant Architect since (1996). He is one of the pioneers who established Faculty of Architecture & Environmental Design, International Islamic University Malaysia, Guest lecturer in the Architectural Design Dept., University Putra Malaysia . He has held several academic positions & served as Director for many consultation bureaus, Consultant and senior Design Manager for many international projects in Malaysia, Dubai-UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq from 1990-2008. He successfully combines professional and academic roles and has a particular interest in Traditional & Contemporary Islamic Built Environment Studies, Heat Exchange in Building, EIA, and Passive & Green Architecture.

Dr. Akeel has been an active role in many important international Environmental-related conferences such as the International Environmetrics Society, TIES 2005 Conference, First International Conference on Islamic Built Environment, WORLD RENEWABLE ENERGY CONGRESS” ’99 –1999,and World Hosing Congress 2007 . Dr.Akeel is also an author of number of papers and books; chapters in books, journal papers, and technical reports .He has many presented papers in many international conferences as well and has been supervisor for PhD, Masters, Independent & Topical Studies, Design Thesis & an advisor for Training Staff of Ministry of Planning and Public Facilities, Khartoum State-Sudan.

He has a distinguished professional experience and known by reputed international Architectural companies as a consultant, designer on both public and private architectural projects in Malaysia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He was a consultant for Kota Bahru Islamic City Planning Concept, Malaysia 2005,Development of Jabal Omar & Khandamah (Area around Alharam, Mekkah)2007,Essence of Dubai Project (The Biggest in Dubai Land, UAE) 2008.

For Dr.Akeel, Architecture is a passion; a vocation provides a sense of place through highest quality of design for embracing human activity and helps the man-made fit in harmony with the environment

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