Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Celebrating Our First Anniversary

It is with a great sense of pleasure, honor and humility that we announce that on 16.4.2011 we celebrate the first anniversary of our nascent website

It was truly a very fruitful and challenging year. It was a very memorable one too. We thank, firstly, Allah Almighty that this project has taken off and has started to make its voice heard. Next, we thank everyone who contributed, directly or indirectly, towards the realization of the project and its interim goals and objectives. We thus thank members of the technical team, academic members, subscribers, members and visitors for all their support and contributions.

For the next year – and for many more years to come, insha’Allah – we hope that will grow from strength to strength, as it did during the first year of its existence. We also hope that it will become an increasingly recognizable name and its voice more and more audible in the circles of the Muslim intellectual fraternity. To attain this, however, we will need a continuous and increased support from our current and future academic members, subscribers, members and visitors.

We promise that we will always try our best to improve the content as well as the technical aspect of the website, so that our members’ and visitors’ expectations are met and their trust in us justified. Our hope is to build on our last year’s modest success and augment our contributions to the on-going revival of the Muslim Ummah, in general, and to the phenomenon of the Islamic built environment, in particular. We will most certainly keep raising our standards, as the latest and very exciting website dimensions and features can show.

As always, we welcome any suggestions, comments, recommendations and even constructive criticism which are aimed to improve the website and to expedite the fulfillment of its noble mission.

May Allah bless us all (Amin).

Thank you very much, wassalam.

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