Taxidermy Vs Urban Dynamics

THE Paradox OF Preservation In Urban & Architectural  Heritage

Dr. Mustapha Ben-Hamouche

Urban and architectural heritage in the Islamic world is gradually becoming an object of preservation policies due to the ever increasing cultural awareness. Old buildings and cities are believed to be the fortress of culture that helps societies preserve their identities and face the eradicating globalization. However, preservation policies, mostly based on the intervention of the State, protective measures and the freezing of building against any change and alterations, are  often in contradiction  with the urban dynamics and incremental process that generated such  cities and buildings. Considering  the  emptiness of  these cities and buildings from their original content,  such policies become, in a sense,  like an action of  taxidermy that “reproduces a life-like three-dimensional representation of a dead  animal for permanent display”.

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